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I'm delighted to share some of my favorite interiors with you. I hope they provide you with some inspiration on how to create a cozy home of your own. And of course, I'd love to see my handmade ceramic wall hanging shelves, candle holders, and other pieces incorporated into your design

I like them because they are cozy and warm. I could see friends getting together, making nice memories. Two old friends catching up there- maybe after years- preparing some food together sharing their deepest thoughts and emotions about life. Feeling safe and understood. 

Cozy Interior-1

In this image, we are surprised by the use of different colours that work together perfectly - blue and green on the floor, and purple and red on the table cloth. This design is creative and daring, with objects that complement each other in unexpected ways. Is it a traditional table cloth or a throw used artistically? The green pot and patchwork on the right hand side of the wall may seem like they wouldn't go together, yet they are perfectly combined in this scene. My experience has taught me that when you create a collage of furniture, the objects will blend together more easily. When you focus on what you like and make decisions based on your own tastes, you can create a timeless space that won't look outdated in the future. 


The objects and furniture in this space are humble yet well-designed and well-maintained. Rather than a setting that changes with the seasons to follow the latest trends, you can see stories in each of them. One was discovered in a second-hand shop, another on a street, and each has since been lovingly restored and treasured for years.

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You can find some beautiful wall hanging candle holders to create or add to your space here. They are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. They also make excellent gifts for friends and family. So why not try something new and shop for some wall hanging candle holders or cabinets today?


 Also have a look at what I've picked on Etsy!

Have a look at it on Etsy.


Uh this one! I wish it was mine! go get it before it's gone.

And if you are like me obsessed with colours, these ones:


And that's it for now.

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